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5 types of underwear and what they reveal about your personality

What does your underwear say about your personality?

Depending on your preference, your choice of underwear can say a lot about the type of person that you are.

Check out these five types of underwear and what they say about your personality.

1.Boy shorts


You sporty and easy going. You are dependable and can lead a group with a lot of ease. In addition to that you are social, innovative, charismatic, a go-getter and a hard worker.

Comfort is your number one priority so that you can keep things running smoothly.

Plus, you have a great butt

2.Granny Panties

The granny panties have made a great comeback. They are more flattering and come in numerous cute designs. They are also very comfortable which can indicate that comfortability is a top preference choice for you. You are quirky and are absolutely cool with that.


Unfortunately, granny panties still indicate that you aren’t getting laid. You prefer a chill night alone at home plus are comfortable with only being answerable to yourself.


You are an Alpha Female and have zero tolerance for mediocrity – you may come off a little intimidating as well.

Your friends always look to you for guidance when making plans. You are sexy and hold your own in a relationship. You are never afraid to speak your mind.


4.Boxer briefs

You are laid back, quiet, shy but not to be confused for someone that can be taken advantage of. Settling down isn’t topping your list of things to do at the moment.

You’re a ride or die type of chick and aren’t desperate to make any new friends.


You are a sexually free woman and aren’t afraid to express it.


You have an easier time relating to men than you do women. You are the life of the party and usually choose to stay away from trouble or problems.


Going commando is worth the mention in identifying the type of personality that you are.


It shows that you are an easy-going woman, a problem solver and live life with passion. People admire your positive energy. You are also very genuine which could attribute to your popularity among both genders.


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