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7 things you shouldn’t be doing during your period

You might have to re-think eating those salt and vinegar crisps during that time of the month.

Here are 8 things you really shouldn’t be doing during your period.

Having unprotected sex

For those that are down with having sex during their period, it’s all good but you still have to be protected even during that time due to the increased risk of contracting an STI.


According to Thomas A. Molinaro, MD, MSCE, FACOG, of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, the increased risk is due to the presence of blood during sex which makes “blood-borne diseases easy to transfer”.

It is also very possible to get pregnant during your period.

Eating salty foods

Eating foods high in sodium only makes bloating worse during your period. So no salt and vinegar crisps during that time of the month.

Do not douche even on your period


Douching is never a good idea in the first place and it shouldn’t be an exception while on your period.

Just as before your period, it messes up the pH of your vagina thus putting you at risk of contracting an infection.

Not exercising

The last thing any woman wants to hear during their period, especially during the first few days is to get up and exercise.

Well you might just have to suck it up and get on with it because Dr. Molinaro exercising helps to “lessen cramping and pain experienced during their period”.


Apparently exercising also helps keep your mood swings in check due to the release of endorphins when exercising.

Leaving your tampon/pad on for too long

Never ever a good idea to wear your tampon or pad on for longer than expected which is usually between 3-4 hours.

Do not get a breast exam

Breast exams are very important but you might want to hold off having one during your period.


Not only are your boobs sensitive during that time but could also raise unnecessary red flags due to the cystic breast changes.

Do not eat a lot of dairy foods

Eating dairy during your monthly period makes you gassier and contributes to having an irritable bowel so stay away from the dairy.

Have caffeine

Caffeine increases breast tenderness and increases anxiety and heart rate thus making your PMS worse.


Source: Byrdie


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