9 warning signs you could have gonorrhea

Be on the look out

It’s common among men and women and can lead to infertility in severe cases. Although it’s mainly spread through sexual intercourse, it can also be spread from mother to child during a cesarean section.

Although the symptoms of gonorrhea are not always very clear, you should visit the doctor for testing once in a while.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms you should watch out for:

1. Anal discharge. This could be experienced both in men and women who engage in anal sex. The rectum may also be swollen causing you pain when passing stool.

2. Painful sex. This is common among women because the vagina and the cervix could be swollen making them extra sensitive.

3. Bleeding. Vaginal bleeding during sex and in between periods is common among women because the cervix might bleed due to the infection.

4. If it pains or burns when you pee, you could be having gonorrhea. The pain may also be a sign of other infections hence the reason you should see a doctor to eliminate the probability of gonorrhea.

5. Both women and men experience an abnormal urethral or vaginal discharge which resembles pus. The color of the discharge could range from green, yellow to white.

6. Frequent urge to urinate is also a common sign of gonorrhea in both men and women.

7. Men experience pain in the scrotum or testicles.

8. Both men and women experience red, warm and painful joints.

9. The eyes may also be sensitive to light, painful and release a discharge that resembles pus.


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