Great reasons why you should not shave your pubic hair

Let the bush grow

Shaving pubic hair(menshealth)

Every part of our body was put there with a reason. Although some body parts may seem useless, it’s only that they do not play very significant roles as compared to others. For instance, who ever thought that pubic hair is important? I mean, we want to get rid of it as soon as it starts growing.

And while shaving our pubic area is an important hygienic routine, that hair has a purpose to play. So, you might as well consider keeping it; though that entirely depends on your preference. Still trying to figure out what role the bush down there would play? Don’t think too hard. The benefits of keeping pubic hair include:

1. Reduced risk of STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases are quite common nowadays. Although keeping your pubic hair will not completely shield you from STIs, they reduce the risk. With your genitals covered with pubic hair, it’s not easy to get infections such as genital warts. Using condoms however is the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Skin infection

Once you shave your pubes, you leave the skin clean and bare. There are also chances of having cuts making your more prone to skin and bacterial infections. With the hair though, there are lower chances of such mishaps.

3. Temperature regulation

Perspiration is the body’s natural way to cool itself. And like any other part of the body, your nether regions also sweat. The hairs pick up sweat from the skin enhancing evaporation. This leaves your genitals cool and free of unnecessary moisture. Less moisture means lower chances of yeast infections.

4. Heightened sensation

There are nerve endings at the bottom of each hair follicles. And the sensation is felt more when one has the hair. So, more hair means better stimulation and of course better sex at the end of it.


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