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10 simple and cute ponytail cornrow hairstyles to try out

Give your braids a break and try these styles

Ladies seem to prefer the plain push back style or the usual braids more. Maybe it's due to the fact that high ponytails in most cases make people look way younger. The truth of the matter is, a high cornrow ponytail style doesn't have to be boring, you can go for edgy styles with a twist to look different.

Here are some styles to try.

1. Thin high cornrow ponytail style.


2. Or you could go for medium sized cornrows.

3. Add an unexpected twist to the style by using a different colored braid in one or more of the cornrows.

4. A dramatic back won't hurt anyone right?

5. Neither does an all slanting to the side cornrow ponytail style.

6. If you love color, you can experiment with a braid that has hints of color.


7. If you prefer chunky braids, this is your go to style. You can choose to mix small and big cornrows.

8. Still on the chunky style, you could also go for this slightly sideway slanting ponytail style too.

9. If you prefer braids, why not have cornrows plaited midway to protect the hairline then tie them up into a high ponytail?

10. Lastly, remember you can always get creative with DIY extensions to spruce up the look.


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