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11 photos that prove sisterlocks are better than dreadlocks

Sisterlocks are thinner and prettier

Ever thought about getting dreadlocks?

I think they're pretty cool, hustle free and can be stylish while giving you a signature look and your own identity. Imagine never having to deal with combs and flat irons? Sounds pretty nice to me. On the other hand though, the lack of versatility scares me. Like not having the luxury to switch up hairstyles whenever I feel like. However, if you find dreadlocks appealing, another option is to have sisterlocks.

What's sisterlocks? Hang on, I got you.

So sisterlocks is a hairstyle that was invented by a lady called Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993. Obviously, the style is newer than the traditional dreads. The main difference between the two styles is that dreadlocks are achieved through rolling large to medium amounts of hair on the palm using wax or special creams. Sisterlocks on the other hand, are created using a tool and involve smaller amounts of hair.


Another key difference is that dreadlocks can only be achieved on natural hair but sisterlocks can be achieved on either natural or relaxed, short or long hair.

Basically, sister locks are just like super thin dreads in layman's terms.

In the US, the style is patented and you can only get it from certified sisterlocks consultants. However, back here at home, you can pretty much get the style from any dreadlocks expert.

Sisterocks are super pretty and easy to style. When on short natural hair, they actually look like twists, you can't even tell it's locks.


Top Kenyan fashion blogger Silvia Njoki cut her dreadlocks after they started thinning and embraced sisterlocks and she looks stunning in the style.

If I ever choose to lock my hair, I'll definitely go for sisterlocks. Why? Well these photos are enough proof that sisterlocks are cuter than dreadlocks.


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