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5 ways to slick up your short natural hairstyle when you get bored of the look

You don't have to be stuck with one style

Short hairstyles are many but if you’re like me, you probably get bored really fast of wearing your hair in one style. That’s probably why I will never have dreadlocks, because I like to try out different styles. Anyway, back to the short hair, so what do you do when you cut your hair and realize soon after that you’re already bored of the look? There are different ways you can accessorize to complement the cut. Moreover, you can add some flair by tweaking the style a bit, say by adding color or a head turning turban.

Here’s how you can accessorize your short haircut:

1. Go crazy with the earrings.


Your face is bare cause of the short cut so take advantage of the statement earrings available in many shapes and designs to give you a different look. The truth of the matter is, when you have a super short cut, there’s not much you can do with the hair so you got to get creative!

2. Add a pop of color.

Blonde, a trendy turquoise, a fiery red, purple? Experiment with colors.

3. Finger wave it.

It’s definitely easier to achieve finger waves on relaxed hair but if you don’t want to add chemicals to your hair, it’s also possible to achieve them on natural hair using loads of gel and a fine tooth comb. Finger waves are so trendy this year and you might as well jump in on the trend before it becomes a fad no?


4. Wig it.

When you’re tired of the look, or maybe need to go for a different look for an occasion, wear a wig. You could also make a statement in a head turning turban style or throw on a hat.

5. Get creative.

You could let your hair grow a little bit at the mid-section and add some Samurai braids or even a crotchet weave to achieve a tapered cut style. Get creative girl!



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