10 creative bobby pin hairstyles to try out

Don't get rid of your extra bobby pins just yet.

But that's not all they can be used for - well they are still needed to set hair in place but they don't necessarily have to be hidden within your tresses or manes.

The exposed bobby pin trend is a creative way to style your hair and definitely a stand out beauty trend that the ladies need to give a try at least once.

Need some inspiration? Maybe you can draw it from these ten photos.

1. Even short hair needs to be put in it's place sometimes.

2.Criss-cross your bobby pins to keep your messy hair in place.

3.Add a little something to your space buns and create a mesh looking design with your bobby pins.

4.Make Xs with your bobby pins.

5.This look is pretty and girly.

6.Create arrows with your bobby pins.

7.Even Hollywood stars are on board with the exposed bobby pin trend.

8.Simple style but still making a statement.

9.Go bold with it and create different shapes with your bobby pins and place them at the front of your hair.

10.Show them who the real star is.


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