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6 popular styles that damage your hair

A woman's glory is in her hair

There are so many factors to consider when picking a hairstyle.

Scary huh?

Picking a hair style that fits your frame can be tricky especially when there are so many factors to consider; the shape of your head, the nature of your hair and its volume… the list is endless.


On the flip side, it’s quite easy to pick a hairstyle that definitely works for you but does major damage to your hair. The most common? Read on.

1. Box braids

Contrary to what most people think, box braids is the most retrogressive hairstyle when it comes to keeping a healthy mane.  From the tagging and then the tight way they have to be braided (Unless you’re up for another four hours at the hairdresser’s after two weeks) puts stress on the root of the hair. You can ask the hairdresser to plait your edges into tiny locks before adding the box braids.

2. Permed Hair

Maintaining permed hair is all about just how much time and money you are willing to invest. Some people also don’t have the kind of time required to visit the salon for treatment or the money to purchase the very expensive products required for upkeep.  Permed hair breaks terribly and it can leave you with tufts instead of a mane quite quickly if not well taken care of. Also, some hair texture does not have the strength to take the heat and chemicals from perming. The best advice is to stay away from perms, if your hair already has chemical then treat it twice a month until it goes natural again.


3. Dye

Ariana Grande is a perfect example of what dying your hair can really do. After her starring in Nickelodeon’s top teen show Victorious as the red headed Kat, she confesses to a lot of hair breakage from all the acid wash and dying she had to go through for her hair to be the gorgeous color it was. Want to dye your hair? Use food color and avoid the bleaching. Also, you can avoid it all together and just rock your natural look.

4. Weaves

Yup, you wouldn’t believe just how much damage these add-ons do to your hair. Weaving can pull your hair from the roots especially if done too tightly. Also, leaving part of the hair out and adding too much gel breaks the hair shaft. To avoid the mass effects, try out wigs which allow you to keep your hair in healthy stylish cornrows.

5. Afro Kinky


The weighty material used to make Afro kinky could be the start of all your hair trouble. A good hairdresser will advise against wearing it long and voluminous as this strips off your edges. To minimize the effects, wear your afro kinky short, minimal but curled which will help with add virtual volume.

6. Twist braids

Pretty little things these are, especially if you’ve got a great stylist but nothing compares to the heart break of picking up your braids along your way and watching your edges reside with time. To avoid this, ask your hair dresser to use wax when attaching the braids so that you can pulling off the edges.


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