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Here are cool ways to accessorize your old braids with a Bandana (Photos)

Too lazy to take off your old braids? Just grab a Bandana

Nothing says unkempt such as old braids with dirt and dandruff build up on the edges. The best way to maintain braids and cornrows for them to last longer is by frequently sprinkling water onto the scalp to hydrate it, oiling the scalp and protecting the hair with a headscarf or bonnet when sleeping. This will keep the braids and cornrows looking neat and enable them to last longer. However, when you’re not ready to take them out yet, either due to budget or time constrains, we feel you sis and we know that struggle all too well and we will show you how you can accessorize them.

Headwraps are one way to salvage a bad hair day. But how many of us can tie a headwrap perfectly even with the help of YouTube tutorials? Headwrap styles can be a little intricate, so if you struggle with tying them, fret not, you can use a Bandana which is equally good. Bananas have been there from the 1900s and even though they were used for many sub-cultural purposes back in the day, now, the paisley printed small scarf has long become a fashion statement, mostly used to accessorize an outfit or even the hair.


The good thing with Bandanas is that they’re cheap and come in all colors. For a weekend look, grab your Bandana and try accessorizing your old braids in these different styles.

1. Old cornrows? No problem. Fold your Bandana and tie it across your forehead, hiding the front part of the braids.

2. You could also tie your braids into an updo and tie the Bandana into a cute bow over them.

3. Step back into the 90s with the Janet Jackson braid bun style that she debuted in the movie Poetic Justice.

Simply tie your braids into a top high knot then part them sideways and complete the look by adding a Bandana over the braids like Queen Bey did.


4. You could also use the Bandana to secure the braids instead of using it to cover them.

5. If you have crochet braids with curly edges, secure them into a top bun with a Bandana.

6. The good thing with a Bandana is that you don't even have to hustle trying to tie it, you can just wing it and you'll still look good.

7. If you're rocking the colored braids trend, get a Bandana that matches your braids for that edgy look.

8. Lastly, ladies, don't forget to lay and slay those edges.



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