This bold haircut infused braid style is so edgy (Photos)

Unakimbia kwa Kinyozi kwanza

It’s pretty risqué but it pulls a double duty. Let me explain. So, there’s this style where the nape (back part of the head above the neck) is shaved and the barber includes some patterns & designs and then the rest of the hair is braided say into box braids or faux locs. Here’s where the style pulls a double duty; see you may choose to tie the braids into a top knot, showing off your Kinyozi’s skills or, you may let the braids down to cover the shaved part say for work or school. So, on weekdays you can have the braids down if you work in a formal environment and then unleash your wild side on weekends by tying the braids into a top knot bun.

This style will require that you visit both the Kinyozi and your hairdresser, (obviously) unless of course, your talented hair person is able to do both. You can get creative with the cut by adding designs that speak about your personality or just simple designs such as a wave or zigzag pattern. To add some flair to the style, choose colored braids and you’ll definitely turn heads.

This style is perfect for people that want an artsy edgy look or who want to experiment with a risqué look.

Check it out:

Is it something you’d be bold enough to try?


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