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This cute midway cornrow style is a must try

We have given it the stamp of approval


Cornrows are cool and all but you have to pick the right style if you don't want to look old lol. Some styles are for mathesbanaa. Currently, there are many trending braid styles spanning from colorful turquoise braids to beaded braids to a top knot braid cornrow style. Your options are not limited, depending on the kind of styles you fancy. If you're in your 20s you should always go for age befitting hairstyles to look trendy.

Lucky for you, you have us to always keep you updated on hairstyles that are popping!

One such style that you should give a try is a simple push back braid cornrow style with a twist. Instead of having the lines go backwards straight, have the hairdresser give them a slight geometric curve at the beginning. Have the cornrows braided halfway then have the rest of the hair into box braids. You could have the last braid on each side braided into a forward dangling braid like the Fulani style if you're one to keep up with trends.


It's a cute trendy protective style and we don't see why you shouldn't give it a try.

And when you can switch up the style by tying the braids into a top knot bun or space buns.

Lastly, midway cornrows with the side dangling braids as an ode to Fulani tribal styles are what all fashion conscious girls are rocking so why not join the bandwagon?


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