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4 natural ways to stop hair loss

Try the following easy tips at home and see how effective they are in reducing hair loss

Hair loss

But when our hair is falling out in great chunks, it’s natural to feel down in the dumps and frustrated that we can’t control our hair loss.

Below are four natural and easy ways to stop hair loss

Clean Your Comb Regularly


Few women will probably say that they clean their comb every week. It’s just not something we do, right ladies? But combs do get dirty, so why wouldn’t you clean it?

As well as for hygiene purposes, you should also clean you comb once a week to help prevent hair loss. A dirty comb can actually cause more hair to fall, so rinsing it out regularly with soap and water is a great and easy thing to do.

Apply Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is probably the most well-known tip on how to stop hair loss and it’s incredibly effective, too. This is because it acts as a sealant that stops your main from losing its moisture.

It also contains plenty of nutritional value, as well as acid that is loaded with antibacterial agents. These agents are able to prevent infections from getting into scalp and causing your hair to fall out.


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Apply Egg Whites

Another good tip on how to stop hair loss is to apply egg whites. Lots of women probably baulk (and gag) whenever they’re advised to apply an egg whites hair pack to their hair, but this remedy is great for controlling hair loss because eggs are stuffed with minerals and proteins  which is exactly what your mane needs more of.

All you need to do is take one egg white and combine it with a tsp of olive oil. Then, beat it until you create a paste of-sorts. Take this paste and apply it to your hair and scalp before leaving for up to twenty minutes. After you’re done, rinse down with cool water.


Avoid Regular Colouring

Women who regularly colour their hair are more susceptible to hair loss than those who don’t. You should also try to avoid regular perming, blow drying and straightening to as these are other common causes of hair loss.

Get a head massage

Massaging your scalp for a few minutes daily will help stimulate circulation. Good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Circulation may be improved through massage by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base according to


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