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5 natural ways to beat a hangover

Suffer no more

The nausea, shaking, headache and vomiting can really take a toll on you after a night out drinking. While the best way to deal with a hangover is to avoid taking alcohol by all means, there are counter measures you can take if you have to drink.

Here ares some tips you can use to beat a hangover:

1. Stay  hydrated


Alcohol is a diuretic that depletes the body of water leading to dehydration. You got to keep on drinking water after drinking alcohol to stay hydrated. If you are vomiting or diarrheaing, you will easily get dehydrated. You can also take a glass of water after every drink to replenish the body's water levels.

2. Eat up

Always make sure you are well fed  prior to that drinking spree. This reduces the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your system and this in return decreases the chance of getting a hangover. After drinking, the levels of blood sugar in the body are likely to go down. So, eat up the following morning to nudge the levels back to normal.

3. Sprite

Gulping down a can of sprite soda can actually relive you a hangover according to research. Fizzy drinks with lemon and lime aid in processing alcohol out of the system enhancing the recovery process.


4. Exercise

The morning after, go for a run or a do some vigorous body exercise. The sweating will help get rid of the toxins that could result to a hangover as well as help in blood circulation. However, remember to drink more water since the exercise will  get you dehydrated.

5. Keep it light

Give the dark-colored alcoholic drinks a break and go for lighter options such as Vodka and gin. Darker drinks places you at a higher risk of getting a hangover compared to the lighter ones. Darker liquors contain chemically related compounds that may worsen the hangover.


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