How to make birthday decoration at home

So easy to make your home beautiful like a pro

About making Birthday decorations

Here are some useful tips on how to decorate your home for a birthday party. It is cheap and efficient but will deliver the required results.

Tools Needed

What you need

Pipe liners

Buttons or jewels

Glue stick

Glue gun

Washi Tape

Spray Paint


1. Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are a genius invention that will beautify your home splendidly. They go for Sh2400 and leave zero residue. The tape can be used to frame pictures, wall hangings, posters and memories. You can also decorate bookshelves, doors and such objects.

Wrap straws and napkins in washi tape to give them charm.

2. Making Fabric Tassels

You can make fabric tassels out of a fabric preferably cotton or chiffon. It is highly recommended that the fabric should look the same on both sides when you fold the fabric. Make cuts in the fabric about an inch apart stopping around 2-3 inches before the fold.

Unfold the fabric and roll it from the center. Continue until it forms a tube with fringe at the end. Ensure that the role is as tight as possible. Fold it in half,and pinch top together so the fringe ends meet and the edge of the fabric is hidden between them.

3. Painted Chairs

You can spray paint metallic chairs in different colours. Let them dry for 24 hours. They will bring the warmth of beautiful colour and a whole new touch to the ambience of the house.

4. Ice cream balloons

These are floating cones that have been attached to latex balloons. They resemble the shape of cone shaped ice cream. All you need to make this beautiful pieces of art is latex balloons, latex balloon sealant, brown paper, brown wide-tip marker, pencil, double-sided tape and a dinner plate.

Use a dinner plate to trace out a circle on the brown paper. Find the center of the circle and draw a wedge using the ruler and pencil. Draw two lines out from the center to create that wedge. Cut out the wedge using scissors in order to create the cone template.

Draw parallel lines using the brown marker all over the circle until they create a crisscross pattern of a waffle cone.

Inflate balloon and attach to the waffle cone. Fill the balloon with helium and tie it off with ribbon to a flat surface. Wrap the brown paper, around the ribbon. Make sure that the cone squeezes the ribbon at the bottom.

Tape the paper’s loose ends to the cone’s interior using double-sided tape. Attach the balloon to the inside of the cone with more double-sided tape.

5. Pretty paper Flowers

These are paper flowers made from cupcake liners yet they are so cheap.

What you need

Pipe liners

Buttons or jewels

Glue stick

Glue gun

Each flower will use eight cupcake liners of any size and any colour. Mixing up the colours is also an alternative.

Fold each of the cupcake liners in half three times progressively.

Fold one of the halves back and then fold the other half back so it looks like a zigzag

Take two liners and using a glue stick, glue the two points together. Hold tightly together for about 30 seconds, then set aside. Glue two more together and hold tightly. Repeat this step until all of the liners are glued into pairs.

Glue the pairs together at the points and hold for 30 seconds, repeating this on the other side. Ensure that all the pieces create a full circle. Give it time for a few minutes in order to allow the glue to dry completely.

Turn the paper over and glue a button, jewel to the center of the flower.

Glue a pipe cleaner or a stick to the back of the flower.


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