7 things you need to stop doing with your tampon

Avoid these common tampon mistakes that could leave your health in a mess.

You can wear your favorite dress without worrying about sounding like you have a diaper underneath, they’re comfortable plus you can actually wear white without overthinking it.

All these benefits can however switch up real quick if you do some of these mistakes.

1.Leave them in for too long

Tampons are supposed to be changed every 3-4 hours so do not wear them for longer than that. This will not only give you a nasty smell down there but you’re also putting yourself at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

2.Not inserting them all the way in

If you can still feel your tampon after inserting it then you’ve inserted it the wrong way. Not only is it super uncomfortable but pretty much ineffective. Most tampon packs come with instructions on how to insert it correctly so pay close attention to those.

3.Inserting it before washing your hands

Your vagina is a very sensitive area and is even more sensitive when things are going inside it so you need to make sure that whatever is going up in there is clean – get your minds out of the gutter we’re talking about tampons.

Wash your hands before inserting a tampon to avoid contamination. You don’t want to irritate your lady parts like that.

4.You forget to take it out

Yap, it happens. Some women just forget to take their tampons out and we’re not here to judge or look at you funny if it’s happened to you but just to remind you to take it out next time.

5.You insert a tampon after your period is done

Do not insert a tampon in when you’re done with your period. It hurts like a b*tch when pulling it out. That’s why there are panty liners just in case of some after period spotting.

6.Picking the wrong tampons for absorbance

Just like pads, you need to pick the right tampons for your flow. If your flow is heavier at the beginning of your period then use the heavier flow tampons but as it gets lighter you can go a flow lower.

7.You change it once especially during a light day

You’re flow may be lighter but that does not mean that you should keep your tampon in for longer. Change it as regularly as you would on your heavier days. 3-4 hours ladies.


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