5 things you should never do before a workout

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Most are the times we just slide into our fitness attires and rush to work out without paying attention to the things we do before leaving for the gym.

Below is a list of things you should never do before you work out:

1. Not eating

If you are planning to go for a work out, don’t cleanse or fast. Your body needs energy in order to work out and you thus should eat something before working out. However, only eat small amounts of foods that are digestible to avoid dizziness and wearing out during the workout.

2. Over eating

In as much as you need the energy to work out, don’t be tempted to over eat. According to fitness experts, you are not supposed to work out while digestion is taking place. Disrupting the internal mechanisms through exercise will not only cause stomach pains but also affect your performance.

3. Static stretching

It may seem like a good idea to try and touch your toes in preparation for work out but that’s not the case. Stretching your muscles beforehand reduces their efficiency and lowers your strength to work out.

4. Lots of water

We are told to drink lots of water daily for a healthier body. But then, lots of water prior to exercise is not recommended. Even if you just remembered that you have not been drinking water all day long, this is not the right time to gulp down a gallon of water. You will be overworking your kidneys and it can also lead to nausea and throwing up.

5. Alcohol

One for the road? Not at this time. Even a single glass of wine is not little and you must avoid it at all costs. Alcohol will dehydrate you and the blurred reflexes may also lead to injury. So, you had better stay off.


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