5 diseases that can be detected through smell

Diseases that can be smelled.

Biomedical engineer at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, Yehuda Zeiri told Reader’s Digest that; “When disease leads to enhancement of new and different biochemical processes in the body, these processes may lead to the production of small volatile molecules. These molecules can be transported by the blood to the lungs and be released in exhaled breath; they can also be released in the urine and sweat,” he explained.

Below are those diseases that can be detected through smell.

1.Gum disease

An infection in the gum can be detected through smell.

The bacteria from the infection reportedly releases waste products such as hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs.

2.Typhoid fever

People that may be suffering from typhoid fever reportedly smell like freshly baked bread.

Other “sweet-smelling” diseases include diphtheria and smallpox.


Bacterial infections such as E.coli can be detected through smell. E.coli is the bacteria that causes food poisoning.

People that are infected with it reportedly have a floral odor.

4.Liver disease

Liver diseases smells like raw fish. This occurs when the liver stops functioning thus processing toxins and contaminants that build up in the urine, sweat and the breath.

5.Kidney failure

Kidney failure can be detected by the smell of ammonia in one’s breath.


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