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7 health risks of being underweight

It’s not healthy

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We are always talking about overweight people and what they can do to lose the extra pounds. But how about the few others who are underweight and struggling to put on some weight?

While they may not be at the risk of being obese or even other diseases that are linked to being overweight, they are not safe as well. If you are not sure or you suspect that you could be underweight, talk to your doctor about it; he will help you know how you can change your situation. To know if you are underweight, all you need is know your weight and height which will help you calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Check out some of the health risks of being underweight:

1. Weakened immune system


If you are underweight, it means you might also not be consuming enough nutrients to protect your body from diseases and infections. Hence, if you have been getting sick frequently, you need to work on your weight as well if you are underweight.

2. Fatigue

Do you always feel tired even if you are not really doing anything? Calories give one energy and strength to work. If your body does not have enough of them, you will feel weak and tired all the time.


3. Anemia

Underweight people have a higher risk of also having a low blood count. You can always visit your doctor to know your blood count. If you have low blood counts, you may as well be anemic which makes you feel dizzy, fatigued and have headaches.

4. Osteoporosis

Studies have shown that being underweight increases a woman’s risk of osteoporosis. This is a condition that weakens the bones making them more prone to breakage.

5. Premature births


Premature birth is one of the main causes of low birth weight. Studies have also shown that underweight women are at a higher risk of giving birth before 37 weeks.

6. Infertility

Underweight women may have irregular periods due to anovulation which also increases the risk of difficulties in conceiving.

7. Slow healing


Studies have it that underweight people take time to heal wounds such as those from surgery. Although researchers are yet to come up with the explanation behind this, it was found that underweight people are also at a higher risk of developing complications after surgery as compared to people with a normal BMI.


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