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5 great reasons why it’s okay to not shave your pubic hair

Yap you read that right.

There is that special group of ladies however that don’t particularly feel compelled to go bald down under and that’s cool too.

If you’re thinking of joining the latter group’s bandwagon then here are some good reasons to let them grow wild.

1.Helps to prevent infections


Sometimes when you shave, you might accidentally cut yourself and this exposes your lady parts to possible infections so it may be better to just not do it in the first place.

2.Less itching

No more itching - enough said.

3.Saves time

You no longer have to worry about scheduling that shaving session anymore.


4.No ingrown hairs

If you shave regularly then you know how uncomfortable ingrown hairs can be. And don’t get us started on the growing back period of the pubic hair – sigh.

Well if you decide to ditch your razor, you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

5.They’re there for comfort

Apparently pubic hair acts as a cushion for you especially when you have sex.


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