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Reasons why you should stop eating from plastic containers

Avoid eating or drinking with plastics

The ocean is choked by plastic bags and bottles, trash heaps with decaying matter pervade metropolitan air with the stench of acrid smoke from the fruitless burning of these plastics.

Eating or drinking from them also appears dangerous to your health.

Here are 4 reasons why you should stop eating or drinking foods from plastic containers.


1. Leaching

Studies have shown that plastic bottles break down and the molecules get absorbed into the food.

Use ceramic or glass jars to store food.

2. Drinks from plastic taste worse

It is a known fact that the soda from the glass bottle just tastes better than the one from the plastic better.


3. Plastics absorb flavours

When you store food or drinks with a strong component, the plastic always absorbs the smell or taste of the meal. For instance, if you use a plastic container to store pilau, the next thing you store in there will have an old lingering scent of stale pilau masala.

4. Microwaved plastics are very dangerous

Plastics contain a chemical called dioxin that are cancer causing. When food in a plastic container is microwaved, the dioxins are released into the food. Always make sure you use containers that are marked "microwave safe" or use styrofoam or polystyrene containers.


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