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A quick and easy way to fix your broken lipstick

Stop throwing your broken lipsticks away.

Broken lippie (Courtesy)

Nowadays, at least there are liquid lipsticks because long ago, we mostly only had the traditional option that’s prone to breaking, albeit, the latter is still available. I’m pretty sure that at one point, your lippie has broken and you probably stopped using it or threw it away because, well, what does one do with a broken lipstick? I know right? Actually, stop throwing them away because there is indeed a way that you can salvage that broken lippie and all you need is a lighter or candle and a fridge. First things first, make sure that your hands are clean and germs free.

1. Start by heating the bottom of the broken piece till it melts just a little bit.

2. Then, heat the point at which the lipstick broke, just a little bit.

3. Now, gently attach the piece back to where it broke, and again, heat the point where the two pieces have been reattached.


4. Place the lipstick in the fridge overnight.

5. Voila! You have your lippie back.

Here's a pictorial tutorial on the same:


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