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Here's what your period blood color says about your health

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here's what your period blood color says about your health

When you get your period, it's important to keep a record of all your menses, how you feel, the cycle and color of the period blood. The period color is not always the same. Some cycles are different. In fact, the cycle changes due to factors such as too much stress or even too much sporting activities. Normally, what is considered a normal healthy cycle is one that occurs after 28/30 days and runs from 4-7 days. However, you should take note of the color of you period. Your body is trying to tell you something. To know if you're healthy, note the following period colors and their meanings next time aunt flow visits:

1. Pinkish color.

This color is an indicator that you have low estrogen levels. But do not panic, low estrogen levels could be caused by too much sports so if you work out a lot, then that could be the reason why. However, if even in the next month the pink blood flow is consistent, you will need to see a doctor.


2. Watery color.

If your period color is watery and appears to have very little to no red color, then that means you have a nutritional deficiency. A whitish diluted flow can be a symptom of severe anemia especially if the the flow is getting lighter instead of heavier, as it normally should. Also, this color could be a sign of ovarian cancer and it's good to get a check up.

3. Dark red with clots.

If it looks like fruit bread jam and has clots, that means you have hormonal imbalance caused by low progesterone and high estrogen. Clots are absolutely normal but if you're passing clots bigger than the size of a 1 Kenyan shilling coin, you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis as it could mean you have fibroids.


4. Dark brown blood.

This is mostly experienced at the beginning or end of a period. At the end of the period, it basically means the older pieces of your uterus are being flushed out and it's totally normal. It could also mean the blood has been sitting in your uterus for a longer time but it's normal.

5. Cranberry red.

This color is the indicator of a normal period and a normal flow. If you have a consistent cranberry color flow throughout your period, then that's a good sign.

6. Orangish color.


If you have an orangish color with a foul smell and a non-slippery consistency of the flow then that's an indication of an STD.

7. Bright red.

The menstrual blood color is not the same as what comes out when you cut your finger for instance, since it's mixed with the lining of your uterus hence giving it the cranberry color. If you do get the bright red flow though, that simply means that this is the freshest blood your uterus is shedding. It mostly happens in the middle of the cycle when you're not expecting your period

8. Gray-reddish.

This could mean two things; either you're pregnant and if not, then that means that you have an STD. If you have missed one of your periods, it's probably an indication of an early miscarriage.



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