This is why you are still 1GB yet you eat constantly

You’ve been doing it wrong

Girl eating(Business Insider)

‘You need to eat more’ is what everyone tells you. But it’s not like you have been doing intermittent fasting. In fact, you never skip any meals because you already are tired of people commenting on your weight.

While most people who are skinny simply don’t eat enough, others eat constantly but still, nothing changes. If you are one of them, read on and see some of the reasons why you are stuck in the 1GB category:

1. Your attitude

Really? Yes really. Your attitude does not just affect your productivity at work. It affects other aspects of your life and a bad attitude will do you no good if you are trying to put on some weight. Ditch the thoughts of ‘I am naturally skinny’, ‘I can never gain weight’ and the likes. Just because you’ve been petite for the longest time does not mean that you can’t put on some weight.

2. Exercise

Whether you are trying to gain weight or not, exercise is key. However, the kind of exercise you do can affect your weight journey. Too much cardio burns lots of calories which makes it harder for you to gain weight. Instead, opt for exercises that build up your muscles such as weights.

3. Wrong diet

Just like there are foods that promote weight loss, there are also foods that should help you gain weight. Could be you have been loading up on foods that fill you up but can’t help you add weight. Eat more proteins, foods high in calories and healthy fats.

4. Medical issues

If you are concerned about being underweight, consider talking to your doctor about your struggles. Some health conditions such as diabetes and some medications may be the reason you are not putting on weight.

5. Genetic issues

We have seen people who down a mountain of food, eat healthy, exercise and never add weight. Sometimes it’s just something in your bloodline. Still, other people naturally have a very high metabolism making it hard for them to add weight. If that’s the case, relax, love yourself and live life. It’s never that serious anyway, right? 


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