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Steps to take to ensure you have soft kissable lips

No one likes chapped lips

How to have kissable lips (Courtesy)

You should always ensure that you have soft and kissable lips and how you do this is by taking care of them and your body in general. For instance, you need to stay hydrated to avoid an occurrence of chapped lips. If you chew Miraa, do remember to clean your mouth and brush to remove that gross green residue that remains on the lips after chewing. I don't know how someone can possibly expect to be kissed with lips that look like they have been covered by moss. Anyway, no qualms with you Miraa chewing folks all I'm saying is, clean that shit out when done.

Let's talk about how to get those kissable lips now, shall we?

1. Exfoliate once a week or as often as you can.

This is to remove the dead skin and leave your lips looking and feeling smooth. You can do this at home by mixing sugar and honey and rubbing your lips with that mixture in a circular motion.


2. Massage your lips.

Massaging your lips in a circular motion every now and then will keep them in good health by increasing blood circulation to your mouth.

3. Stay hydrated.

One of the main reasons why your have dry and flaky lips is because you don't hydrate enough. Remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day.


4. Moisturize.

Keep your lips moisturized by using a lip balm that works for you. Not all lip balms are good for your lips. In fact, some will actually make your lips more dry. Nourishing essential oils such as coconut or olive oil do a great job in keeping your lips moisturized as they're quickly absorbed. Apply the oil at night when sleeping and the balm during the day, whenever your lips feel dry as there are no oil glands on your lips to provide natural moisture when your lips start to feel dry.

5. Take off your makeup when sleeping.

After a night out, most of us girls will just go to bed without removing the makeup. Do remember to take off your lipstick, especially if matte and moisturize your lips to avoid them getting too dry and chapped.


6. Avoid licking your lips.

Not only will licking your lips make them smelly, (cause we all know that saliva doesn't particularly smell like rose flowers) but also make them completely dry.

7. Brush your teeth and tongue.

You can have great lips, but if your mouth stinks, that ruins the whole equation right? So do remember to take care of your mouth too.


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