Proven home remedies for constipation in babies

This is what to do

Constipation remedies for babies (Healthline)

Just like adults, babies experience constipation too. For babies who are still being breastfed, the mom’s diet could be the cause of constipation.

When your baby is battling constipation, they are likely to show these signs:

1. They cannot pass stool

2. Pain and crying during bowel movement

3. They go for more days than normal without passing stool

4. Hard stool that might have blood streaks

5. Hard belly

6. Reduced appetite

Constipation home remedies for babies

If you notice the above symptoms in your child, then you know it’s time to take action. Before you visit your paediatrician, it’s advisable to first try home remedies that don’t involve any medication. You should only use medication when prescribed by the doctor. But before then, you will want to try these constipation remedies that are known to work. In case they fail, you can go ahead and seek advice from your paediatrician:

1. Massage

Gently massaging your baby’s stomach may help them pass stool. Massage them several times throughout the day until they have a bowel movement. You can simply use a finger to massage the area around their navel in a clockwise manner or massage the entire stomach region.

2. Exercise

If your child is older, encourage them to exercise. But for infants who can’t even crawl, you can help them exercise. Just like with adults, exercising helps in enhancing bowel movements. Let the baby lie on their back then move their feet in a bicycle riding motion.

3. Change mom’s /child’s diet

Too much dairy products could lead to constipation. Also, a change in diet can trigger it. For children who are still breastfeeding, a mom can change her diet and avoid the foods that might be causing the problem. If the child is already on solid foods, ensure they consume foods rich in fibre such as whole grains, vegetables, sweet potatoes and fruits like apples.

4. Giving your baby a warm bath

A warm bath is also known to help relax the abdominal muscles hence encouraging bowel movements in babies struggling with constipation.

5. Fruit juice

If your baby is above six months, pear juice might be of good help. If it’s too sweet or tangy, dilute with some water. For babies below six months, ensure you talk to your doctor before feeding them anything else aside from breast milk.


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