4 signs your friend has bleached their skin

Don't be fooled.

There are tell tale signs you cannot hide.

'Rangi ya Thao' is a trend that has unfortunately refused to leave the global society so much that even men have taken it up.

Like our very own Khaligraph Jonez.

But if the general reaction to Kendric Lamar’s Humble is anything to go by, then the world is just about done with the fakes.

In his lyrics Kendric says, “Show me somethin’ natural like a** with some stretch marks…” a depiction of the sad reality that a large percentage of women all around the world have altered the way their body looks to fit the demands of the society.

Skin lightening is a process consisting of feeding the skin a cocktail of chemicals in form of ointment, soaps and pills to reduce the amount of melanin it contains for a brighter complexion. If done right, it is not easy to identify someone who has bleached their skin, however, there are obvious tell tales close impossible to hide.

You can also call her out on her falseness if her booty feels like balloons filled with water, the flesh between her thighs and bum is not evenly distributed or if her breasts are of equal measure. You can also call her out for looking like she borrowed her body with a face and hands that are not the same complexion… like our very own Khaligraph Jonez.


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