KTN Tukuza presenter Anthony Ndiema has opened up on the painful ordeal him and his wife went through during the birth of their son.

Three weeks before her due date, Anthony’s wife had started complaining of persistent pains.

A distressed Ndiema had then rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered that she was suffering from a condition known as placental abruption – which occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus.

As a result of the condition, their son wasn’t able to get enough oxygen in the womb.

“The small guy inside was losing out on oxygen fast and there was internal bleeding,” he narrated.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel for the couple as the emergency C-section his wife underwent was successful and both the baby and mother were out of harm’s way.

Speech difficulties

Four years down the line and Ndiema and his wife discovered something worrying about their son – he had not uttered a word.

“At four years he had not said a thing and would retreat to his own space most of the time.”

Consultations with numerous doctors did not seem to bear any fruits to discovering what was wrong with their son as every doctor they went to gave them a different diagnosis.

“One declared he was autistic, another said he had ADHD and other neurological issues. In fact, one of the health practitioners indicated that we might need to consider learning sign language for Joshua’s sake. It was quite overwhelming,” he wrote on his Instagram.

All hope was not lost however as Ndiema and his wife still believed that a change was coming.

“On a day like this last year, we gathered our close friends and went to St. Julian’s in Limuru to pray and declare greatness in this young man’s life. We also changed his middle name because it had some not so interesting spiritual connotations. Few weeks later on a Saturday morning, Joshua comes to our room and coherently says 7 different words back to back. We broke down in awe of what God had done,” he testified.

Their son, is still slowly but surely learning to speak but as per what Anthony Ndiema said, keeps getting better every day.

He posted this message during his son’s fifth birthday.