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4 warning signs that you are in labor

Is the baby coming?

Even moms who have been there before find it difficult to tell if they are in labor because the signs can be vague and also vary from one pregnancy to another.

Check out for these warning signs to know if your baby is on the way:

1. The back hurts badly


You are likely to experience back pains all through your pregnancy period. However, if you experience really painful back aches you are close to getting your baby. The groin region may also hurt and all this is because your joints and muscles are stretching in preparation for delivery.

2. Consistent contractions

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, contractions are common but not all contractions are signs of labor. Contractions that lead to labor are intense, more regular and last longer. These contractions may not lessen until delivery.

3. Water breaks


In some instances, the amniotic fluid breaks before labor and this is a sign that labor is just around the corner. The leaking can happen as a sudden gush or constant trickle. It can also be challenging to tell if the discharge is indeed amniotic fluid or urine. But if the fluid is odorless, it may be time to go to the hospital.

4. Diarrhea

Prostaglandin, the hormone released to help the uterus contract and the cervix soften also leads to bowels contraction. This in return leads to frequent bowel movements and diarrhea few days to labor or even during labor. If diarrhea is accompanied with cramps, it could be that you are in labor.


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