How to keep your bikini line bump free

No more razor bumps.

As efficient as it is though, there are certain things that can go wrong for instance getting razor bumps which can be very annoying.

The area down there is very sensitive and it’s very important to make sure that proper care is taken when grooming it. With holiday season being upon us we need to make sure that everything goes smoothly down there.

Here’s how to make sure your bikini line stays bump free.


Exfoliate your bikini area before shaving to make the hair down there a bit softer for when you eventually get to shave.

Use a sharp razor

Blunt razors tend to prolong the shaving process which can in turn irritate your skin. Use a sharp razor to get rid of hair down there as quick as possible.

Make sure to switch your razor as often as possible to avoid using a blunt razor.


Invest in a good shaving cream to make sure you don’t irritate your skin. When it comes to actually shaving the area make sure to shave your hair in the direction that they grow and not against it.

After care

Moisturizing is very important after shaving. Try moisturize with coconut oil to help prevent irritation after shaving.


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