5 great reasons why you should laugh more

It's the best medicine

While you could have a million reasons to be sad, always look for one reason to get a hearty laughter each day. Seemingly, it sure is the best medicine to a variety of problems.

Here are some great benefits you reap from laughing:

1. Boosts your immunity

Research shows that laughter may help increase the number of antibodies and boost the immune cells. Stressful circumstances lowers one’s immunity system. Luckily, the positive thoughts and emotions that come with laughter help relieve the stress thus boosting your immunity.

2. Lowers anxiety and stress

Stressed? Humor is all you need. Watch a comedy, join friends at a party and laugh it out until you feel better. And since laughter is contagious, you will also help those around you get in a better mood through your laughter.

3. Improves emotional health

Humorous situations and laughter trigger the brain to release dopamine which controls the reward and pleasure systems. Dopamine helps the brain produce responses that lift your moods and give you pleasure.

4. Burns calories

Although you should not use laughter to substitute you regular workout program, a good laughter is a good physical exercise for your body. If you are working on your abs, laughter combined with other exercises will help you get there. Some studies have shown that a 10-15 minute laughter would help burn about 50 calories.

5. Reduce blood pressure

Laughter works out your muscles making blood circulation and Oxygen flow easier. It dilates the blood vessels reducing blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

As they say, it’s never that serious. Sp, laugh all your way to a great and healthy life!


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