3 mistakes you're making when shaving your legs

Ladies, are you shaving your legs the right way?

Legs shaving mistakes you're making (Courtesy)

Shaving legs is a must as a lady. At least, if you care about looking lady-like. If you’re the super hairy kind, it makes a lot of sense to shave your legs especially if you wear skirts and shorts a lot. You want to have smooth hair-free sexy legs that are inviting. If you shave your legs, well and good. However, you might be shaving your legs the wrong way unknowingly. Here are leg shaving mistakes you’re making:

1. Shaving when you first get into the shower.

Shaving when you first get into the shower is one of the biggest mistakes many people make. When you first get into the shower, the hair is coarse and you want to shave when the hair is softer and wet, which will make shaving easier. That being said, shave once you’re done showering or at least wait for five minutes in the shower for the hair to get a bit moisturized and wet then go ahead and shave.

2. Dry shaving.

We have all been in a position where we didn’t really have time to shave properly and ended up grabbing a razor and dry shaving quickly. Well, that’s actually a big mistake. What this does is that it could cause small innocent tears which could lead to a deeper bacterial infection underneath your skin, leading to a wound with even pus. What you wanna do instead is use shaving creams so that you get a close shave and not end up cutting yourself. If you have no shaving cream, hair conditioner works perfectly, so does olive oil.

3. Shaving upwards.

Another very common mistake! We all tend to sort of shave in the upward direction as it sounds and feels easier right? Well, shaving upwards means you’re shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth and this could cause razor bumps, irritation of the skin and even small cuts on your legs. So, start shaving downwards! While you may not get such a close shave while going in the direction of the grain, you can always reapply the shaving cream and shave again to get a smooth finish.


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