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7 things to do on your own when bored

Solitude isn't that bad

Some people cannot thrive if they do not have friends around. There are people who always need company to travel, go out or pretty much do any sort of activity out there. Without company, they'd rather stay indoors. I find that sad actually, your happiness should not depend on someone. Relying on the average human being will only lead to disappointments. You need to be able to learn how to have fun on your own and actually be okay on your own and the only way you can do that is by living on your own at least once in your life. If you're totally okay on your own, even if someone comes into your life, they will not be making it better but only just adding value and complementing your already content self. That said, if you're alone and looking for things you can do solo, here's what you can get up to:

1. Travel.

You will learn so much about yourself. Nothing makes you more mature and independent than traveling on your own and depending entirely on yourself. You get lost but you also find yourself in the process. Plus, you get to learn that your own company isn't that bad.


2. Take yourself out.

Bankroll yourself. Take yourself out and enjoy a scrumptious meal, heck order even a bottle of wine if you can handle your alcohol. Go out alone, take yourself shopping. Spoil yourself and have the perfect "me time".

3. Masturbate.

How else will you know your pleasure points? Have a solo moment touching and pleasuring yourself. Take time to figure out what your body responds to sexually. This way, you don't even have to worry about dealing with mediocre di*k when you're horny.

4. Spa date.


Treat yourself to a spa date. Have a full mani-pedi and massage to relax your body after a long week of working hard.

5. Take an online class on something you're passionate about.

6. Unleash your geeky side.

Rack your brain by doing something challenging such as solving a Rubik's cube or solving a crossword puzzle or even an online game. You could also find out what is happening around the world, by keeping yourself updated on world news.

7. Explore the outdoors.


Take your bike or hire a bike at Karura forest and go trail biking on your own. Let your mind relax as you cycle your way through the forest. If you have a car, you could also go on a long drive out of town. Blast your favorite party and have yourself a solo party in the car.


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