8 foods that help increase sperm count

Get more and healthy swimmers by adding these foods to your diet.

Don’t despair though as there are ways to ensure an increase in sperm count and it all starts with the food eaten.

Here are 8 foods to eat that help in increasing sperm count.


Oysters are more than just aphrodisiacs. They are loaded with zinc which help to increase sperm production, sperm potency and testosterone.


Bananas help increase a man’s libido as well as regulate his sex hormones thanks to an enzyme called bromelain.

They are packed with vitamins A, B1 and C which boost a man’s body ability to produce sperm.


Walnuts and almonds contain L-Arginine, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E which help in the increase of sperm count and the sperm health.

4.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate increases the volume of a man’s ejaculation as well as strengthen a man’s sperm.


Garlic contains selenium and vitamin B6 that help in the production of healthy sperm and improve blood flow to the testicles.

They also contain nitric oxide synthase which assist in getting a healthy erection.


A lack of vitamin A is a common cause of low fertility. Broccoli contains vitamin A making it a top food in the increase of sperm count.


Blueberries are stocked with vitamin C which is critical for motility and sperm health. The vitamin C in blueberries also create amino acids that are required to produce sperm.


The vitamin E in eggs help keep testicular tissue from degenerating. Eggs boost sperm count and fertility.

Source: Ask Men


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