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7 signs you wear too much make-up

Are you guilty of these?

Here are five signs you wear too much make-up.

1.People don’t recognize you without the make-up


We’re not talking about those haters that just say things to spite you but people that actually care about you

2.When you remove on make-up it’s like peeling off another face

If you remove your make-up and it peels off another layer of skin on you, then you definitely wear too much make-up.

3.There’s a difference between your face and neck

This might be a case of bad blending but sometimes it could just be because you have too much make-up on.


4.Stains all over your clothes

Especially when you have them on. Make up obviously stains but if you’ve been overdoing it on the bronzer or foundation then it will definitely be evident on your clothes.

5.You wear make- up even when you don’t need to

Maybe you’re addicted to having make-up on but wearing make-up to the gym or when swimming is really not that necessary but to each their own.

6.If you look like this after putting on make-up


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