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5 Eye makeup styles you should be trying this year

This year is all about the risk!

It is so much fun to sometimes just go crazy on your eyes and stay relatively discreet with the rest of the face. Want some colour in your face? Want some catchy eyes to make the boys go crazy?

Then these ideas should give you some inspiration!


1. The silver Eye

Yas girl slaaay! The silver touch on the eye just really brings out the model’s eyes. It was seen on many runways in these year's fashion shows. Just a perfect and quick look for a night-out when you’ve got no time. And silver eye- shadow is easily found anywhere, as well. Worth a try!

2. The neon is back!

So, Neon is a difficult one as some people might like it and some might hate it. However, I think these models prove that it is so damn sexy and catchy. This year is all about taking the risk. The colours complement so well with their skin and it definitely brings some good warm vibes to these cold days. Bring some colour into your life!


3. The fancy eyeliner

Everyone knows the eyeliner and everybody loves a good wing. But what about trying something else like doubling or tripling the eyeliner?! Definitely so much more exciting than just one line. Experiment with any colour you like and maybe even try to create a flag to support your football team this world cup? You will for sure distract everyone from watching the game…

4. The Rihanna Yellow golden Glow

This year was definitely Rihanna’s year. She really rocked her Fenty show this year. The best thing however was her glow. The Yellow Fenty highlighter brings out everyone’s cheekbones and makes you “shine bright like a diamond” (little Riri quote). Also, who needs the sun to come out when you can be the sun for everyone. Try it, it will look amazing on your skin.


5. The mysterious Cleopatra eye

The dark eye might so be 2017 but to be honest it just never gets out of style. A black eyeliner plus a black underliner always works for a night out. It gives you that mysterious and sexy attitude that every girl needs once in a while. But try to keep it simple with the lips in that case. However, a little bit of gloss can never be wrong.


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