Here's how to look natural with makeup on

The 'no makeup' look is the in thing

Makeup is every girl's best friend, after shoes...

Well, maybe not every girl, but most girls. If you're like me, then you prefer the subtle makeup as opposed to the full face beat, highlighter popping etc. In my opinion I feel that a full face beat process is just way too much work but to each his own.

One of the benefits of the "no makeup" look is that it's quick and it looks natural. There's something beautiful about a woman who doesn't need much to feel and look beautiful. The look is perfect though on ladies with no blemishes or acne problems. If you have some dead skin, you can start by exfoliating your face for a smooth finish.

If you wanna try the look, lucky for you, it doesn't take much.

Here's how to achieve the look:

1. Start by moisturizing and priming your face.

Priming is important for your face. Think of your face as a piece of canvas that you're just about to paint. You gotta set the base first right? That's basically what priming is.

2. Use concealer to conceal any dark circles, dark spots, pimples etc.

After concealer, now take your foundation, sparingly, apply on your face and use a beauty blender to blend it in and then powder your face.

3. Add a bit of mascara and eyeliner.

4. Brush your brows and add some brow pencil.

5. Finish off the look with a subtle lippie and highlighter (optional) and voila, you're done.


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