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Common health issues that affect men who are in their 20s

If symptoms persist, always seek medical advice.

Men in their 20s, specifically, are more inclined to ignore their ailments.

Maybe it’s the fact that they feel they are young so they can beat it or they are genuinely scared of visiting the doctor’s office – no judgement.

Whatever their reasons may be, ignoring to consult a doctor when unwell, eventually ends up worsening the situation.


Here are the common health issues that affect men in their 20s.

1.Mental health

Suicide and depression is a growing concern among men in their 20s. Researcher at San Diego State University, Jean Twenge, cited too much social media usage as a possible factor to depression among other possible factors.


As much as asthma is a disease that affects people when they are kids, it can still affect men in their 20s. It can sometimes go misdiagnosed thus the reason why most men would experience it in their 20s.


3.Testicular cancer


It is important to note that most STIs go unnoticed in men. Some men can be carriers of HPV which can prove fatal to women as they cause cervical cancer.

Regular STI checks are important and necessary.


5.Heart disease

The lifestyle choices you make in your 20s can greatly affect your heart in the future so take care of it.

Source: Men's Health


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