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Warning! Why you need to see your doctor ASAP if you have a curved penis

Pretty scary stuff.

According to the research, having a bent penis could be linked to stomach, skin and testicular cancers.

Having a curved penis is otherwise known as Peyronie’s disease (caused when scar tissue, known as plaque, forms inside the soft tissue of the penis, causing it to curve when erect).

Over one million men were studied in the research and it was discovered that men that suffer from Peyronie’s disease had an increased risk of testicular cancer by 40 percent. 29 percent increased risk of a skin cancer known as melanoma and 40 percent increased chance of getting stomach cancer.


This is as per the data at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

A slight curve in the penis is absolutely normal however so don’t panic too much.

Certain risk factors of Peyronie’s disease include age, penis injuries and genetics.

Some signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease include a significant bed in the shaft, erection problems, a shortening penis, pain and flat lumps under the skin of the penis.

If you suspect that you might be at risk, it’s always better to seek medical attention for further advice.


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