The best foods to eat to reduce menstrual cramps

Eat your way through a painless cycle.

No matter how strong the pain meds you take are or how many water bottles you sleep with at night, those little monsters just can’t let you live.

The only consolation most women usually have is that, the pain is for a little while and all will be back to normal until their time the next month.

While the fact that there are roughly three weeks before the next period may be comforting, the actual moment of experiencing painful cramps isn’t.

The answer to reducing the pain may be in your kitchen, however.

These are foods that help reduce menstrual cramps.


Bananas are high in potassium and vitamin B6 which help in easing bloating and relaxing the muscles.

The potassium in bananas also helps to send oxygen to the brain which can help regulate mood swings.


Calcium and vitamin D can help reduce symptoms of PMS. Yoghurt is a great source of calcium.

It can also assist in easening digestion while on the menstrual cycle.

3.Red meat

Red meat is rich in iron which is essential during your cycle seeing that you lose a good amount of iron during that time.


Water prevents acne, bloating and helps keep cramps at bay.


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