6 causes of miscarriage every woman should know

Be ware..

Although it is quite difficult determine why a miscarriage happened, there are various causes some of which can be prevented. Some of the most common causes of miscarriage include:

1. Chromosomal abnormalities

According to experts, chromosomal abnormality is the number one cause of miscarriage in the first trimester. In most cases, chromosomal abnormalities result from a damaged egg or sperm cell. An error could also have occurred when the cells of the embryo were being divided. Some of the chromosomal abnormalities that lead to miscarriage include; cystic fibrosis and Down Syndrome.

2. Lifestyle

When pregnant, a woman must be very cautious about the kind of life they lead as it also affects their unborn baby. Habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and using certain drugs puts the woman at a higher chance of having a miscarriage. Women who also work in places that expose them to toxins such as in farms and laboratories also stand higher chances of miscarrying.

3. Infections

Some infections such as Mycoplasma have no symptoms but can lead to miscarriage. The infection affects the uterine wall leading to bacteria overgrowth which in return affects the embryo and finally a miscarriage. Other infections that may lead to miscarriage include; measles, mumps, listeria, gonorrhea among others.

4. Uterus abnormalities

Another cause of miscarriage is genetic abnormalities related to the womb. One such abnormality is septum which is an extended tissue that does not have the same blood supply type with the rest of the uterus. If the baby happens to grow in the septum, a miscarriage is likely to happen. Fortunately, septum is easy to treat since all that is needed is surgery.

5. Fibroids

These are tumors that grow in the uterine cavity affecting the development of the baby. Once detected, the fibroids can be removed through surgery and increase the chances of healthy pregnancy.

6. Obesity

Various studies have proved that obese women are at a higher risk of miscarrying healthy babies. Women are thus advised to lead healthy lives and watch their weight prior to conceiving.


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