Pencil nails are the latest nail trend - Hot or not? (Photos)

Ladies, will you be trying this trend?

And just when we think we have seen it all, teeth nails, fur nails, bubble nails and God knows what other nail atrocities are out there, we are quickly reminded that there's more to come. Now, the latest nail trend taking the internet by storm is colored pencil nails, or simply pencil nails.

Yeah, you read that right. The trend was started by popular Russian nail salon, Nail Sunny. The in vogue salon has an impressive following of 1.8 million followers due to their prowess. Once the salon posted the colored pencil nails, the art was replicated by many other manicurists and the #PencilNails trend was born.

Basically, pencil nails are just that, nails that look like a sharped pencil.

How do you do anything with those tips? I mean, can you even type? Zip your pants and wipe your ass with these?

But, there's a twist to the trend. Some are going for more subtle pencil nails by creating nail art that looks like a pencil, either the rubber part or the tip part.

I can live with these...

These though? Eh...

What do you think of the pencil nails? Hot or not?


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