Here's why you shouldn't use castor oil to induce labour, among other ill conceived home remedies

Home remedies that don't work

Which suddenly become symptoms as you add odd feelings that you had even a fortnight ago just to whittle down to the most preferable disease you could have. You know, to avoid the serious stuff like cancer or diabetes or kidney failure.

Eventually you figure out it’s something manageable and then go on to call all your friends in medical school or whose spouses are public health workers. After they recommend that you actually go see a doctor, you’re reluctant to. God only knows why. But you want a solution you can use at home to ease the pains, aches, bumps, bruises and what have you. However, they tell you something run of the mill which your know-it-all self doesn’t see how it could be helpful. So you decide to google home remedies.

They can be helpful but should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment. And sometimes, the home remedies can be dangerous, further spreading infections or worsening the original condition.

Here are some home remedies even your herbalist would never recommend.

Using egg whites on burns

Raw egg whites are potentially carriers of bacteria. You could easily transfer salmonella to your exposed skin.

Using mouthwash to soothe tonsils

This just further irritates your throat. Doctors recommend warm drinks to soothe a rough throat.

Using breast milk to treat sores

Now breast milk is just divine. However, it also another pathogen carrying blob of fluid. Honestly it’s like the human body is the reason why most other humans get sick. However, using someone else’s breast milk on your bruises or sores is risky. Breast milk can spread HIV and like any other milk, bacteria just love it in there.

Using castor oil to jumpstart labour

The only recommended use for this is to induce free flowing bowel movements. If trying to induce labour, this will just increase irritation.

Using laxatives to treat poisoning

The poison is damaging when it goes down. Why would you want to make it do the same damage by going back out?

Using activated charcoal to detox

This is recommended for detox purposes but it could actually lead to intestinal blockages and severe dehydration.

Using spit for- anything

Our mothers love to spit wash. Be it smudges, booboos or bruises, that thumb goes into her mouth faster than a shotgun's bullet. They should stop. The human body, as earlier mentioned, is just a disease carrying organism with its fluids as the arsenal. Spit should not go anywhere near an open wound due to the risk of transferring… BACTERIA!

Seriously, are we just under the control of bacteria and we just don’t know it?


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