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Non sexual things that make a woman ultra-sexy

You don’t have to be naked to be sexy

Gabrielle Union makes Most Beautiful List 2015 by People Magazine

There’s so much more to sexiness than just booty, good looks and showing skin. No, seriously. Sometimes, sexiness is the way we act, the way we handle situations, the way we present ourselves. It doesn’t always have to be associated with nakedness. In fact, there are many non-sexual things women do that men find ultra-sexy. Here are some:

1. The way a woman walks.

Have you ever seen Naomi Campbell strut the runway? She could literally be in a sack and she’d still look sexy as hell. Of course, not all walks are sexy but, when a woman is in heels and walks while swinging her hips gently, not too much or in an exaggerated way, that can be very sexy.

2. The way she dances.


Again, nothing too crazy here, but some dance moves can be damn sexy. Think of Kizomba or slow whining for example.

3. When she listens.

It may sound very simple, but listening is a skill that many people lack. A majority of people listen to talk instead of listening to understand. There’s a huge difference. Nothing sexier than someone focusing all their attention on what you’re saying.

4. The way she looks at you.


And it doesn’t have to be lustfully btw. There’s just a way some women can look at you, it’s almost as if they’re yearning for you, almost as if they’re looking deep into your soul.

5. Wearing glasses.

For some reason, a lot of people find people with glasses sexy.

6. Women with dimples.


This doesn’t even need an explanation.

7. A financially independent woman.

It’s very sexy when a woman can handle her own, financially and emotionally. That’s a turn on to many men.

8. Intelligence.


It’s sexy when you can be able to engage in an intelligent conversation on world topics or news making the headlines. And not just conversations, but a woman who can easily solve problems on her own. Not just talking about makeup and Instagram.

9. Success.

Nothing as sexy as woman who has all her ducks in a row and she’s literally making it in life. The real definition of goals. That’s a sexy woman.

10. Sense of humor.


Laughter is the best medicine. A woman who can make you laugh is a sexy one.

11. A woman that’s confident but still humble.

One thing I have learned in life is that you can literally get away with anything by being confident and believing that you’re good enough. However, overconfidence comes off as being arrogant; you still gotta maintain humility.

12. A woman that has a motherly instinct and genuinely loves helping those around her.


Kindness goes a long way.

13. A great smile.

Do you really need more when you have a bright, great warm smile that brightens everyone’s day?

14. A great personality.


You can be stamped with the beauty mark but if that beauty is not backed by a great personality, it’s almost always pointless.

15. A self-assured woman who lives life to the fullest.

A woman that’s not scared to take the less traveled road. She’s adventurous, well-traveled and can take on anything that life throws at her.


A woman in nothing but a boyfriend shirt on a lazy Saturday morning.


Now, that’s sexy!


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