5 common things you must never do after eating

We are all victims

Well, you probably are a victim of these habits but worry not, we all have been victims of ignorance.

Now, let’s get enlightened here. Below are five things you should never do after taking your meal:

1. Sleeping

We all enjoy laying on the couch after a heavy meal or taking a nap. Sometimes you are so full that you can hardly lift a finger and all you want is lay down. This, however, should not be the case because it leads to sleeping irregularities, discomfort and gas pains.

2. Taking a shower

If you have to take a bath, do it before eating your meal or wait a little longer after eating. The stomach needs enough blood for digestion to take place. Showering after a meal interferes with the digestion process as the blood flows more to the arms and legs leaving little blood around the stomach.

3. Smoking

If you really must smoke, it must never be after eating. Smoking is generally harmful to your health and even worse when done after eating. The nicotine present in cigarettes binds up the oxygen that is necessary for digestion to take place. This in return allows the blood to absorb more carcinogens than required increasing the risk of bowel cancer.

4. Drinking tea

Tea is a very common beverage among Kenyan communities especially in the rural areas where every meal is accompanied with a cup of tea. Drinking tea interferes with iron absorption in the body which could lead to anemia. This is because the tannins present in tea binds the iron and proteins in our food preventing their absorption.

5. Fruits

You probably did not see this coming. Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach in order to reap maximum benefits. Also, fruits require different enzymes for digestion and eating them after a meal means that they may last longer in the stomach leading to indigestion, heartburn or discomfort.

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