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Dear millennials, you don’t owe anyone a perfect body

What's your take?

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So everyone is buying a tummy trimmer, drinking slimming tea and hitting the gym like never before to get that perfect body. This is all good but what’s the motivation behind it?

Not once have I seen women seeking advice on the internet on ways to reduce their tummies. Reason behind it? Their husbands are complaining that the tummy is too big. If he married you with the tummy to start with, it means he loved you with it and should learn to live with it.

Losing baby weight


If the tummy is a result of childbirth, he shouldn’t even say a word. This is not to say that you should neglect your health after childbirth. But you shouldn’t be put under pressure to lose weight. At least not so fast.

And the craze is not just about having a flat tummy. Men are under pressure to build muscles and have a six-pack and broad shoulders. And wait, their legs shouldn’t be too thin. For ladies, the list is looong. You need to have the perfect hourglass body for you to be a men’s magnet. Or I don’t know for what other reasons.

Surgery for perfect body


If you are a lady and your behind is you know, flat, as they say, then you got a long way to go. You know, trimming your tummy is not as hard. But getting a bigger bottom is a huge task. It’s even worse if you have a flat *ss, you have belly fat and your titties are well, almost non-existent. Like, where do you even start?

Look here, dear millennials, your body is all yours and what you do with it is your choice. If you really want to get that breast enlargement procedure, go for it. Same case if you want to get the Brazilian butt lift. All I am saying is, you should do it out of your own volition but not due to pressure from people who think you don’t look good enough.

You should only be worried about your health


If you are okay being a plus-size, own it with pride and confidence. The whole ‘perfect body’ thing has been used to make some people feel inadequate and less attractive which is wrong and misleading. If you must lose or gain weight, let it be for the sake of your health but not for purposes of fitting into the ‘perfect body’ category.

Life is too short to live under pressure. Just learn to dress your body right and as long as you are healthy, the rest is just a passing cloud.

And most importantly, there will always someone who will love you with your kitambi, flat bottom, and thin legs.



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