What the shape of your belly button says about you

Does yours match your personality?

It can apparently also reveal your health and body.

Here is what different belly buttons mean.

1. Round belly button

If you have a round deep belly button it means you are an optimistic person. You always see the glass as half full. You are good at speaking your mind.

2. Big deep belly button

You are excessively kind. You suffer in silence. You are good at managing people. Your varied experiences make you very wise.

3. Shallow small belly button

You have a deep and dark personality. You are good at keeping secrets. You don't trust easily and understand the darker sides of people. You are mysterious and skeptical about most things. You don't appreciate face value.

4. Outtie belly button

This kind of belly button indicates a stubborn personality. You are very opinionated but only arrive at your opinions after careful consideration.

5. Uppity belly button

This navel is big, deep and faces upwards. It is indicative of a healthy birth and healthy mind. You are cheerful, highly energetic and active.

You are always motivated and ready to get to work.

6. Downward belly button

It is small, shallow and faces downwards. Shows low energy, no affinity for manual labour but a preference for mind games. People may call you lazy but they appreciate your intellect.



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