Eating fish can help boost fertility

Could adding fish to your diet help boost your fertility?

The study suggested that couples who ate fish were more likely to conceive within a short period of trying to do so.

The participants in the study were found to have conceived within a year after the study began; this was after couples ate more fish each week.

The study’s author Audrey Gaskins, from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health in Boston said: "Our study suggests seafood can have many reproductive benefits, including shorter time to pregnancy and more frequent sexual activity."

How the study was conducted

500 couples in Michigan and Texas were studied for one year. They were all planning to conceive.

All the couples recorded their seafood intake and kept daily journals of their sexual activities.

Findings revealed that the couples that ate more seafood more than twice every week had sex more often – to be more specific, 22 percent more often as compared to those that ate less fish.

92 percent of the couples that ate seafood more than twice a week were also expectant by the end of the study as compared to the 79 percent who ate less seafood.

The researchers concluded that seafood can affect semen quality, ovulation and the embryo quality.

"Our results stress the importance of not only female but also male diet on time to pregnancy and suggests that both partners should be incorporating more seafood into their diets for the maximum fertility benefit," Gaskins said in a news release from The Endocrine Society.

Source: WebMD


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