12 things no one tells you about becoming a naturalista

These natural hair struggles are too real

Natural hair struggles (Courtesy)

So, I once tried going natural and that did not last for long and I’m about to break it down to you as to why that failed. If you see any natural sisters out there, even the struggling ones, respect and appreciate them and their effort cause y’all, maintaining natural hair is like a part time job. I thought that you simply wait for your perm to grow out, buy coconut oil, a big comb and you’re good to go, after all, you just need a fro to join the natural hair movement right? WRONG! Here are things no one tells you about going natural.

1. It’s not as easy as it seems.

Like I mentioned, transitioning into a naturalista requires a lot of patience and dedication. You’re not going to learn the ropes in just one day or one week. It will take a while to learn how to style your hair, what your holy grail products are going to be and all other things that naturalistas require. Basically, going natural is a journey.

2. No one tells you that you don’t really have to have the so-called big chop.

See, if you have permed hair and you’re transitioning, many people simply cut the hair and begin the tough journey. While it’s a good idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the only way out, you can trim your permed hair in bits as your natural hair grows out, without chopping all of your hair off. So, now you know!

3. No one tells you that going natural is expensive AF.

Erm, you’re going to need more than just water, an afro comb and coconut oil. In fact, you’re going to find yourself buying a tone of products just for your hair, and since the natural hair movement has been really commercialized, these products will not really come cheap.

4. And speaking of products,

No one tells you that sometimes, you will end up sending your boyfriend to come with eggs, avocados, mayo, etc for breakfast or for dinner but that you will end up making treatments for hair with those kitchen products.

5. Let’s not even get started on natural hair terms,

Shrinkage, porosity, hair types, wait a minute I need to know my hair type? What the hell is curl definition? What’s 4C? Girl….it’s like studying for an exam.

6. Once you go natural, you realize that humidity is really a big deal.

You leave the house with fancy bouncy curls but one hour later, your hair is all shrunken and the style has dramatically changed from curls to a funny looking hairstyle. It’s like witchcraft.

7. No one tells you that your hair will not come out looking like those YouTube tutorials.

You check out a tutorial, do exactly like that person did but alas! Your hair looks like the Jackson 5 instead…

8. No one tells you that your edges may refuse to lay.

Ever seen overly forced edges? Well, if you don’t have them baby hairs, just give up because sometimes, you will try to lay those edges and you will only end up with layers and layers of styling gel.

9. Wash day takes the whole day…

Like, who knew washing hair required calorie burning energy?

10. Or how doing twists outs, Bantu knots, cornrows and other styles make your arms so tired?

11. At one point, you even regret going natural and miss the easy life of permed hair.

Plus, how annoying is it to have to keep telling people not to touch your hair? Or explaining to white people about your hair? Jesus!

12. But all in all, you get to learn to love your hair and understand that it’s a journey all worth it in the end.


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