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5 reasons you are exercising and still not losing weight

This is why

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Weight loss is a journey and albeit not an easy one, we have seen great transformations in people. So there is still hope that you can fit into your favourite outfits and rock that crop top you have been dreaming about. But, you have to do it the right way and ensure you come up with a sustainable routine so that you don’t lose the extra pounds and regain them soon after.

What if you have been exercising and still not seeing results? Then there must be something that you are not doing right. Some of the reasons as to why you could be working out and still not shedding some pounds include:

1. You reward your efforts with food


After doing a commendable job at the gym, you might feel tempted to reward yourself with some tasty food. If you have been giving in to these temptations, then that’s where you are going wrong. You can’t burn all those calories only to refuel your body with more of the same. It cancels all the effort.

2. Your sleeping schedule is off

If you are battling insomnia, you should look for a solution because it affects several functions of your body. When experts recommend sleeping between 7-9 hours every day, it’s because they know that your body needs it to function properly. Studies have found a close relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity.

3. You are not addressing your diet


Exercising is a great way to burn calories. However, no substantial weight is lost if you only exercise without observing your calorie intake. Keep track of what you are consuming so that you don’t consume more calories than you are burning while exercising.

4. You love your beer

Generally, alcohol is high in calories and it enhances weight gain. But if you really must drink, then you need to drink moderately and avoid consuming too much beer. Beer and wines are high in calories and you might thus want to stick to spirits instead.


5. You have been doing the same old tricks

If you started with 30 squats, you need to upgrade. Once the exercises become too easy for your body, you will hit the plateau and will see no change any more. The trick is to keep on doing more. If it feels so easy, try something harder.


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